Summer + Ben // Deception Pass Engagement Session

Generally I don’t like to shoot too many sessions in the same spot, but Deception Pass is one of those exception places that I just can’t get enough of. Every time I shoot there, I try to shoot completely different than the time I was there before to make each session unique. This is definitely not easy to do as it’s outside of your comfort zone a bit; entering the unknown and trying to create art that you aren’t sure you know is going to turn out how you imagine it. Well let’s be honest, it never turns out how you imagine, usually it’s better because it’s REAL.

Summer and Ben went on one of their first dates to Deception Pass, so this place is pretty special to them. They are both such sweet people and we explored and laughed a lot during our session. I loved all the spring yellow flowers out which contrasted beautifully with the bluish green water. Ben is super creative and while we were shooting by the driftwood, he noticed a hole in the wood that he thought might be cool to shoot through. You’ll see the result of this collaboration towards the end of the session. I absolutely love when couples participate in the session like this because the end result is always better with 6 eyes looking around rather than just my two.

It’s going to be wonderful to see what beautiful things come this Saturday at their backyard wedding. Can’t wait to celebrate with them!