Jordan + Paul // Seattle Sodo Park Wedding

I’ve been spending the past few months really reflecting on my work thus far and making a decision to only put out in the world the images I’ve taken that I feel like really define me as an artist and tell the couples wedding story. It’s been a slow and tedious process of thinking about what it is that has kept me from sharing so many weddings and images that I’m truly proud of. 

This wedding is one of them. I photographed it in October of 2014, just 2 years into my career of shooting, and I still love the images I made that day. It’s a difficult thing trying to balance shooting, editing, blogging, emails, scheduling, planning, and updating my work constantly. I’m slowly finding that balance and found that it’s about time I shared this wedding! 

Jordan and Paul, I hope it’s a treat to relive this day 2 years later. You are both still one of the kindest couples I’ve gotten a chance to work with and I’m so thankful you had me (and Stephanie Dolen!) there to capture your day. The longevity of your relationship (spanning over 10 years now!) is a true testament of love. Cheers to you!  

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SEATTLE couples- I still have some summer/fall spots open for 2016 and am not charging travel from NYC! Fill out my form on my contact page to get in touch!