Dorothy + Aaron // NYC Anniversary Session

Happy New Year! I have so many thoughts on 2019 and all I want to accomplish, but today I did something rare, which is start to finish editing a shoot and then immediately prep it for a blog post. I find so often I overthink this process and get burnt out from looking at the images I’ve been working on, and then I say “I’ll blog it another time” when the reality is that rarely happens and I just sit on them for years with only sharing a frame or two on my Instagram.

When I started this blog, I kept up with posts way more often than I do now, partly because I wasn’t as busy, but another part was I just wanted to put out the work I was proud of at that moment. I’d write snippets and people used to comment back on posts, but over the years the game has changed. Photographers stopped blogging as everything moved to Instagram. I’ve missed the story telling element of sharing my work, so I’m determined to bring it back in my life if only for myself.


Dorothy and I have been friends now for almost 11 years! We met in photography school and we literally learned how to focus, compose, and light things together. I remember going on a photo walk with her and Rob and we took portraits of each other with our 40Ds at the Santa Barbara pier. Now fast forward and she has been married for 2 years to Aaron and has a the sweetest baby, Libby.

When Dorothy asked if I would come take some photos and hang out for a little bit, I of course rushed over even though my schedule in September was jam packed. It was pouring out rain and all I could think about on the way was how much work I had to do, but I wanted to make a few hours for my good friend when she was visiting New York. I walked up to this brown stone and my jaw dropped. They were renting this for one night for their anniversary and it was easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever set foot in since I’ve lived in Brooklyn.

The gloomy, rainy day created a lovely fog on the large windows and it was easy for me to get quickly inspired by this entire place. We didn’t have much time, we were all hungry and excited for drinks and a snack, so I just started shooting like crazy, trying new things, laughing and just falling in love with photography all over again. We shot just over an hour and I just can’t believe all the variety we got in one space.

Some of my favorite work I’ve ever created is below and it’s even more special because it’s of Dorothy and her Aaron and I just love them so much. I am lucky and grateful to do what I LOVE for a living and just thankful for this creative burst in the middle of my wedding season editing and shooting madness.

After everything I’ve been through this past year, this hour was a special gift I’ll never forget. Happy Anniversary you two. <3

I’m just really proud of these images. Here’s to more inspiring work in 2019.