Best of 2016 // Wedding & Travel Edition

Twenty Sixteen. What a year! It was my first full year in NYC and I loved every minute of it. I finally feel like I’ve found a city that pushes me every day to be better. This year in New York City has filled me with incredible opportunities. I’ve gotten to photograph everything from in home sessions at tiny cute apartments to penthouses and intimate restaurants in the city. It’s been challenging and exciting learning how to use the the madness of NYC to my advantage. Finding little corners of light, photographing couples in crowds of people and on empty golf courses in the Hamptons during a rain storm.

I also did a lot of travel this year! I started off the year in Colombia with 5 of my friends (Katherine, Chrysetta, Jenna, Dani & Kelsey), marveled at the beauty of Paris for the second time in my life with my best friend Katherine and we even got to meet up with a few friends who happened to be there at the same time, making the trip a riot! (Shoutout to Katie, Mallory, Ryan and Richard!) I also witnessed my friend Kara & Kevin’s wedding in Scotland and took a solo trip to London.

I shot weddings in Seattle, Santa Cruz, Denver and New York. I did a few shoots in Paris, London & Scotland and hope to add on a lot more international weddings and portraits in 2017. I spent some time in my home state, Nebraska, a beautiful 2 weeks in the Seattle summer, 10 days in California with Stephanie & Tim, my birthday in Florida, and even got to visit my best friend Kirsten and her husband Austin in Salt Lake City!

I feel like 2016 was the biggest growth in my photography yet, and I’m so excited to share (a lot) of my favorite frames from this past year. I couldn’t be more thankful for incredible clients who trust me fully, photographer friends that have referred weddings to me in NYC and really helped me survive here, and friends who’ve supported me, traveled with me, and encouraged me.

A big thank you to Annabel for giving me little jobs to do all year to help me stay afloat, Katherine for being the best roommate ever, Lev for bringing me on to shoot a few weddings, Margot, Carolina, Heidi (& Ryan!), Alexander, Dorothee,  Chaz and Sheena for picking me to second shoot with you this year, Stephanie for traveling to NYC a few times to be my second shooter at the weddings I needed help with & Tim for letting her (and coming a few times too!), my dad for helping me MOVE to New York and being so supportive of me this past year, my sisters, brother, and brother in law for not freaking out too much when I told them I decided to move all the way across the country, my New York friends- Jay, Dani, Chrysetta, Kelsey, Anand, Kierstin, Dave, Kenz, Gabe, Rob, Francesca, Jake, Olga, Tonhya, Australia, Angela, Kevin, Rachel – YOU are what really made my first year in New York unforgettable, also Heather and Jon for taking me around WA and being such amazing friends. And finally, my godmother (mama on earth) for being sweet, loving, and wonderful to me. She went through a lot this past year with losing her mother, Grandma Betty, and I’m heart broken for her but know she’s in a happier place now, wherever that may be. Love you bunches and bunches, Mama!

I love all of you so much! Thanks for an incredible year and for scrolling through all these images. It took me over a week to sift through thousands of frames that I took last year!